Organisation Name LanguagesBackground documents
NIHRBH - National Institution for Human Rights Cover A 1 2

Civil Society

Organisation Name LanguagesBackground documents
ACFH - Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights E
ADF International - ADF International E
ADHRB - Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain Cover E 1 2
AI - Amnesty International E
Alkarama - Alkarama Foundation A E F
BHRO - Bahrain Human Rights Observatory A E
BHRWS - Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society A
BJA - Bahrain Journalists' Association E
BLYA - Bahrain Y. L. Association Cover E
BTA - Bahrain Teachers Society Cover A E
ECDHR - European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Cover E
FFF - Four Freedoms Forum E
FN - Freedom Now E
GECHR - Gulf European Centre for Human Rights A
GG - The Good Group E
GIDHR - معهد الخليج للديمقراطية وحقوق الإنسان E
HRFUS - Human Rights First Cover E
ICSFT - International Council Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights Cover A
ICSRF - International Center for supporting Rights and Freedoms E
LHRD - Liberties and Human Rights Department in Al Wefaq A E
Mabadea Bahrain - Mabadea Bahrain A
MCHR - Manama Centre for Human Rights E
ODVV - Organization for Defending Victim of Violence E
OHR - Oceania Human Rights Hawaii E
RSF-RWB - Reporters Without Borders International E
JS1 - Joint Submission 1 Cover E
JS2 - Joint Submission 2 E
JS3 - Joint Submission 3 Cover E
JS4 - Joint Submission 4 Cover E
JS5 - Joint Submission 5 E
JS6 - Joint Submission 6 A E
JS7 - Joint Submission 7 Cover E
JS8 - Joint Submission 8 Cover A
JS9 - Joint Submission 9 Cover E
JS10 - Joint Submission 10 Cover E
JS11 - Joint Submission 11 Cover E
JS12 - Joint Submission 12 Cover E 1
JS13 - Joint Submission 13 Cover E 1
JS14 - Joint Submission 14 Cover E 1
JS15 - Joint Submission 15 Cover E 1
JS16 - Joint Submission 16 Cover E 1 2
JS17 - Joint Submission 17 Cover E 1
JS18 - Joint Submission 18 Cover E

Regional Inter-governmental Organisations

Organisation Name LanguagesBackground documents
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Organisation Name LanguagesBackground documents
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