Organisation Name LanguagesBackground documents
NCHR-PAKISTAN - National Commission for Huaman Rights Pakistan E

Civil Society

Organisation Name LanguagesBackground documents
ADF International - ADF International E
AI - Amnesty International E
AMLA - Ahmadiyya Muslim Lawyers Association (AMLA) E
CRIN - The Child Rights International Network E
CS - Cultural Survival E
CSW - Christian Solidarity Worldwide E
DRF - Digital Rights Foundation Cover E
FLD - Front Line Defenders - The International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders Cover E
GIEACPC - Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children E
HRCP - Human Rights Commission of Pakistan E
HRW - Human Rights Watch E
ICJ - International Commission of Jurists E
KHRF - Kaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation E
MPV - Muslims for Progressive Values E
NRPTT - Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational Transparty E
ODVV - Organization for Defending Victim of Violence E
PI - Privacy International E
SAR - Scholars at Risk Network Cover E
UNPO - Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization E
JS1 - Joint Submission 1 Cover E
JS2 - Joint Submission 2 E
JS3 - Joint Submission 3 E
JS4 - Joint Submission 4 E
JS5 - Joint Submission 5 E
JS6 - Joint Submission 6 E
JS7 - Joint Submission 7 E
JS8 - Joint Submission 8 E
JS9 - Joint Submission 9 E
JS10 - Joint Submission 10 E
JS11 - Joint Submission 11 Cover E
JS12 - Joint Submission 12 E
JS13 - Joint Submission 13 E
JS14 - Joint Submission 14 E
JS15 - Joint Submission 15 E
JS16 - Joint Submission 16 E
JS17 - Joint Submission 17 E
JS18 - Joint Submission 18 E
JS19 - Joint Submission 19 E

Regional Inter-governmental Organisations

Organisation Name LanguagesBackground documents
There are no records


Organisation Name LanguagesBackground documents
UH Law School - William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa E